Chicago Property Management

Second City Management is a property management company in Chicago that prides itself on excellent service and clear communication.  We allow property owners to remove themselves from the daily tasks of maintenance and leasing and focus on what they are best at:  investing in real estate. Utilizing a property manager means you no longer have to worry about the small tasks associated with being an investment property owner. You are no longer an investor and a landlord. You are now just a real estate investor.

The right property manager will handle all of your leasing, maintenance, and repairs while keeping you, the owner, fully informed on costs, occupancy, and other important metrics.  Please look around at our articles that provide further information on property management companies and what they can provide. Property managers can help you with residential or commercial properties and each manager will be well versed on the laws and regulations that apply to each. Additionally, we provide information on turnkey investment companies which are property managers that specialize in providing the property for purchase as well as managing the property after purchase. These properties can be ideal for out of state investors.

On the following pages you can learn more about residential real estate management, commercial property management, and how a property manager can benefit you.  Start reading here:  Why Hire a Residential Property Manager.

If you are thinking of using a Chicago based property manager for your rental properties please use our contact form to get in touch with us. We will be able to offer you a reliable, professional management team that will remove the stress of leasing and maintenance from your life.